“Project GLOW: The New Quarantine Obsession” Health & Wellness

Glowing Skin has never been easier — or looked better.

If you haven't heard of Miracle White, you will soon. The brand’s cult-famous Glow Vitamins, has attracted a feverish level of enthusiasm all over instagram, for its fun, multi-tasking, and fresh take on beauty — the brand’s bold promise? glowing skin in just 7 days.

Every girl wants to glow.  What do we mean by Glow? It’s something that radiates from within — something inherently personal. Self-love, a sense of fulfilment, love, happiness —and of course, a huge part of that is keeping yourself healthy. And honestly, who doesn’t want healthy glowing skin?


Where did the concept of #ProjectGLOW come from?

Honestly it started out as a passion project. I’ve always been passionate about skin. Growing up, I never had perfect skin — and that’s okay. So when we started creating this, I wanted something for girls like me. We wanted to create a product that was nourishing & would make you Glow — in a healthy way.

We wanted to create a body-positive community for women, thoughtfully created, with products that actually fit into your everyday beauty routine. Products that make you feel good about yourself.  At first, it was just myself and all my friends using it — And now, we’re reaching women nationwide, making their glow dreams come true. It’s really so amazing.

We believe that beauty & staying healthy should be fun, easy and simple.

“We wanted to create the Miracle White Glow Vitamins that, not only is it super healthy and nourishing for you, but something fun & looks cute so you’d be excited to take your vitamins everyday.”


What is #ProjectGlow?

Our mission: to give women glowing skin. That’s what #ProjectGLOW is all about.

We wanted #ProjectGLOW to be something fun that women can embark on from the safety of home, something to work on,  a project so to speak, something fulfilling, something that unites women together, like a common goal — that yes, now is the perfect time to Glow.  We want women to feel good about themselves.

And it’s so fun — it’s become an obsession.


Talk about the GLOW VITAMINS

What makes Miracle White Glow Vitamins so special? It’s our luxurious proprietary formulation — totally top secret, btw; that’s what makes you Glow. In just 7 days. It’s really that amazing. That’s why we have the #Miracle7DayChallenge.

One of our favourite ingredients? Japanese Sakura  Flower.

Our proprietary formulation, withJapanese Sakura Flower, is what brings out your skin’s natural glow, it works like magic.

We’re not kidding.

Plus, it also does wonders by boosting your immunity & keeping your energy-levels up.

What we love is that it also nourishes your body from within —it’s this amazing daily detox that your body will thank you for — by getting rid of impurities, and all the chemicals that come into our body from the food we eat & the lifestyle we live.

Another amazing thing is that it helps fights acne/maskne by detoxifying the body from free-radicals, bacteria and impurities that cause breakouts & maskne.

& it’s also super nourishing for your hair. It’s so important that your nutrition also promotes healthy hair. And our Miracle White Glow Vitamins️ does exactly that.  It helps restore the shine in your hair, locks in moisture & keeps strands strong and healthy. So if you were thinking of growing your hair, you will love this.

It’s the perfect multi-tasking product. It’s literally everything you’ve ever wanted in your skincare — all in one little vitamin capsule. It’s that easy.


What’s the #Miracle7DayChallenge?

That’s how amazing this product is. “GLOW in 7 days,” — that’s our brand’s promise.

Everyone swears by our 7-Day Challenge because it really does work — everyone who tries it falls in love with our Miracle White Glow Vitamins️ because they really do see their glow in just 7 days! But don’t take our word for it, just ask our customers.

So we thought of this really fun way to connect everyone in our community together and showcase their amazing glow selfies, which is why we came up with the #Miracle7DayChallenge.

Talk about the brand: Miracle White

Our mission: to give women glowing skin.

Our happy customers is our brand’s lifeblood. Whenever we receive a comment, a message a DM about how their life has changed, or how much they love their new Glow,  it’s such an amazing feeling.  For Miracle White, we measure our success through our happy customers. When they say how happy they are, or when they share us their #ProjectGLOW journey photos or when our growing community all come together for the #Miracle7DayChallenge, that’s our brand’s driving force.

Real People. Real Results & when they fall in love with our game-changing Miracle White Glow Vitamins.

Glowing is the new beautiful.



03/17/21 - This feature article first appeared on: https://www.ourbrew.ph/project-glow-the-new-quarantine-obsession/