Hi beautiful, Welcome to our Glow Community!


When we launched PROJECT GLOW™, it started out as this passion project.


We knew from personal experience that there was a serious lack of beauty care products for women that were natural, safe and effective.


We wanted products that approached self-care beauty holistically. Something that would make us feel good; something that was nourishing but also made you GLOW; in a healthy way— but we could never find the right products out in the market. So that’s how we started.


We wanted to create a body-positive community for women, thoughtfully created, with products that actually fit into your everyday beauty routine. Products that make you feel good about yourself. And now, we’re reaching women nationwide, making their GLOW dreams come true. It’s really so amazing.


We’ve devoted so much time into creating a brand that takes a healthy approach to beauty— keeping women like you in mind. Our team has lovingly created everyday beauty products that help nourish your body, while GLOWING in the process. We believe that beauty & staying healthy should be fun, easy and simple.


❤ thoughtfully designed
❤ naturally made
❤ mindfully sourced
❤ proudly cruelty-free
❤ made with love & lots of GLOW



Here at PROJECT GLOW™, we want you to feel good about yourself.


We hope you love our glow products just as much as we loved creating them for amazing women like you.


GLOWING is the new beautiful.


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