Julia's Beauty Secret? Miracle White.

Want the secret to Julia Baretto’s glowing skin? All you have to do is take these Glutathione, Collagen, Vitamin C infused pills.

Julia Baretto is the poster girl for glowing skin. In all of her new movies, it’s evident how naturally radiant the actress is despite the different roles she takes. Even during her down time, we’re able to see the effortless glow of Julia Baretto through her Instagram posts. Recently she was even named the newest brand ambassador of Miracle White.

For those of you who don’t know, Miracle White’s Glow Vitamins have won multiple beauty awards—and for good reason. The brand believes in enhancing beauty from within. They call their vitamin concoction the Perfect Glow Formula. It includes Japanese Sakura Flowers, Skin Loving Vitamins, Minerals, Collagen, Natural Antioxidants, and their top secret Glow Booster Blend. It’s no wonder why Julia Baretto takes these vitamins and has become their brand ambassador.

According to the Miracle White Team, they’ve wanted to get Julia onboard as their brand ambassador for a long time now. When asked about their newest ambassador they said, “Julia is such a darling. She is absolutely radiant, irresistibly elegant.”

Now that Julia is consistent user of Miracle White’s Glow Vitamins, the brand is excited to see the wondrous effects their product has on her. “Moving forward, expect better, more amazing products. As always, hyper focused on the women in our community and their needs. Since Julia is now the face of our brand, expect even more exciting things from Miracle White,” says the Miracle White Team.

We can’t wait to see the total effect of Miracle White on Julia Baretto. But, for now, we can marvel at the current effect they have on the star. She’s looking more radiant and glowing than ever in her most recent posts on Instagram. Take a look for yourself.

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